Commentary: Teacher quality is determined in the classroom, not by a credential

Teachers can tell when they are effective. In my first year as a special education teacher in a pre-kindergarten setting, the signs were small but profound — a nonverbal student who started to greet me in the mornings, a student who didn’t know how to hold a pencil properly who learned to write full sentences […]

Credential not only way to measure good teachers

Alternative paths to teaching are essential to improving and diversifying the teaching force.

Tell your senator to oppose any effort to break Senate rules to revive AB 1164

In a last-minute move before summer recess, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond gutted a bill, AB 1164, that was previously intended to provide childcare for foster youth. In its place, Thurmond proposed a new law to increase protections for the lowest performing teachers by giving them an easier path to lifetime employment. To make matters worse, the […]

AB 1164: Don’t protect the worst teachers

Competition for success in the 21st-century economy is increasingly tied to an educated workforce with strong science, technology, engineering and math skills. Parents, community and business leaders, and policy makers trying to keep and grow jobs in California should be shocked that in just a few short years California has won the race to the […]

90% of Parents Think Their Kids Are on Track in Math & Reading. The Real Number? Just 1 in 3, Survey Shows

One parent thought teachers with emergency certificates had CPR training. Another heard the phrase “school climate” and thought her child’s school had a broken air-conditioning system. These are just a few of the misconceptions the Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit Learning Heroes has heard while trying to help parents understand the jargon-heavy education landscape at their children’s […]

Sacramento district can’t find enough teachers, so it turns to Philippines for help

Officials at the Sacramento City Unified School District took an international field trip to the Philippines this year – to hire teachers.