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Cal Coast News – Bill calls for eliminating state income tax for California teachers

Cal Coast News Online reports that, in response to a statewide teacher shortage, a pair of California senators have introduced a bill that would exempt educators from paying state income tax after five years on the job.

Concord Register – California Teachers Income Tax Bill Aims to Attract Educators

The Concord Register Highlights how California could become the first state in the U.S. to eliminate income tax for teachers as a way to attract and retain more people in the education profession; the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act as a remedy for California’s teacher shortage crisis.

CBS Bay Area – California Considers Exempting Teachers From State Income Tax

CBS Bay Area reports how, In an effort to attract more people to teaching and keep educators in the profession, a California State Senate proposal would make teachers exempt from the state income tax.

Progressive Pulse – In bid to recruit teachers, California weighs income tax exemption

The Progressive Pulse mentions that California’s proposal, the Invest in Teachers Act, marks the first time a U.S. state has considered a landmark tax exemption for teachers, although states have talked over similar proposals for law enforcement officers.

CBS 13 Sacramento – Considers Removing Income Tax For Teachers

“Teachers need to be finally recognized for the value they are,” CBS Sacramento reports on the Invest in Teachers Act, outlining that the bill is offering incentives to keep teachers in California.

The Sacramento Bee – Should California teachers have to pay state income tax?

The Sacramento Bee covers the Invest in Teachers Act, “a new way to solve the teacher shortage: Let them keep their state income tax.”