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CBS Bay Area – California Considers Exempting Teachers From State Income Tax

CBS Bay Area reports how, In an effort to attract more people to teaching and keep educators in the profession, a California State Senate proposal would make teachers exempt from the state income tax.

KCAL 9 CBS Los Angeles – No Income Tax For Teachers? California Bill Aimed At Keeping Educators In Classroom

KCAL announces that a Los Angeles state lawmaker has introduced a bill to exempt teachers from paying state income tax after five years in the classroom. Under Senate Bill 807, teachers and other educators would also be allowed a tax deduction for the cost of obtaining a teaching credential.

CBS 13 Sacramento – Considers Removing Income Tax For Teachers

“Teachers need to be finally recognized for the value they are,” CBS Sacramento reports on the Invest in Teachers Act, outlining that the bill is offering incentives to keep teachers in California.

Press Release – EdVoice Urges Support for “Invest in Teachers” Act

EdVoice today announced sponsorship of the Invest in Teachers Act, also known as Senate Bill 807, the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act of 2017.