Editorial: The pendulum swings too far on school accountability

Los Angeles Times

Is California’s commitment to school accountability dead? Probably not, but it’s certainly withering.

California’s response to federal school accountability law falls short

One of the less heralded – albeit, one of the more important – of the many clashes between Sacramento and Washington these days has to do with accountability for educating the state’s 6-plus million K-12 students.

Chased out of Arkansas as a child, Shirley Weber won’t back down in California Capitol

When Shirley Weber and her siblings fled this place as children in 1951 on a midnight train bound for California, their destination seemed so distant and unfamiliar to the relatives who stayed behind that they called the state a foreign land. As Weber stood at the edge of her family’s 100-acre farm on a recent visit, her […]

Commentary: Teacher quality is determined in the classroom, not by a credential

Teachers can tell when they are effective. In my first year as a special education teacher in a pre-kindergarten setting, the signs were small but profound — a nonverbal student who started to greet me in the mornings, a student who didn’t know how to hold a pencil properly who learned to write full sentences […]

Credential not only way to measure good teachers

Alternative paths to teaching are essential to improving and diversifying the teaching force.

Tell your senator to oppose any effort to break Senate rules to revive AB 1164

In a last-minute move before summer recess, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond gutted a bill, AB 1164, that was previously intended to provide childcare for foster youth. In its place, Thurmond proposed a new law to increase protections for the lowest performing teachers by giving them an easier path to lifetime employment. To make matters worse, the […]