Why is San Francisco the state’s worst county for black student achievement?

Across the district, 19 percent of them passed the state test in reading, compared to 31 percent of black students statewide. The result: San Francisco, a progressive enclave and beacon for technological innovation, has the worst black student achievement of any county in California.

California must find and fix its worst public schools. Here’s one way to start

Los Angeles Times

California just released its third round of scores on new, tougher standardized tests, and now the state is on the hook.

California called out as ‘a laggard in student achievement’ as test score improvement stalls

Editorial: The pendulum swings too far on school accountability

Los Angeles Times

Is California’s commitment to school accountability dead? Probably not, but it’s certainly withering.

California’s response to federal school accountability law falls short

One of the less heralded – albeit, one of the more important – of the many clashes between Sacramento and Washington these days has to do with accountability for educating the state’s 6-plus million K-12 students.

Chased out of Arkansas as a child, Shirley Weber won’t back down in California Capitol

When Shirley Weber and her siblings fled this place as children in 1951 on a midnight train bound for California, their destination seemed so distant and unfamiliar to the relatives who stayed behind that they called the state a foreign land. As Weber stood at the edge of her family’s 100-acre farm on a recent visit, her […]