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Moorpark Acorn – Likes Senator’s Proposal

A letter to the Moorpark Acorn by parent Sean Cooper about his support for SB 807.

Press Release – EdVoice Responds to New State Commission Report on Teacher Shortage

The new report officially confirms the shortage is real and growing, and comes as EdVoice announces a coalition of 10 school and student advocacy organizations now in support of Senate Bill (SB) 807, a proposed solution to the state’s teacher shortage.

Press Release – New CA Poll Finds Strong Support for “Invest in Teachers” Act

By a more than 3 to 1 margin, a new statewide public opinion survey of California voters released today finds strong support for the Invest in Teachers Act, also known as Senate Bill 807, the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act of 2017.

Bakersfield Now – Proposed bill would exempt California teachers from state income tax

Bakersfeild Now Online analyzes how California public school teachers will see more of their paycheck if Senate Bill 807 passes. They state that, if this measure is approved, California would become the first state in the nation that excludes teaching income from state income taxes.

LA School Report – Un proyecto de ley único propone que no haya impuestos estatales para los maestros en California por una década

La publicación de LA School Report explica cómo, para evitar que los maestros sean eliminados a través de las líneas estatales y contrarrestar una grave escasez de maestros, por primera vez los legisladores en California están considerando una propuesta para exentar a los maestros del pago de impuestos estatales por la siguiente década.

Mother Lode – Proposed Bill To Give Tax Break To CA Teachers

My Mother Lode Online summarizes that, in an effort to attract and retain additional educators, a proposed bill paves the way for teachers to have their income tax exempt after five years on the job; citing research stating that 30% of teachers leave the workforce in the first five years and enrollment in teacher preparation programs has declined by 76% over the past decade.